Almon Road Dryer

Don’t let wet roads stop your crews !

The Almon road dryer and cleaner brings turbine technology and state-of-the-art mobile electronic controls to surface treatment for

  • road marking
  • crack sealing
  • concrete drying

The Opportunity

Clean and dry wet roads at up to 6 km/h (4 mi/h).  Heat the road even in freezing temperatures to  40 °C (104 °F).  The Almon road dryer and one person gets your crew back to work while your competitors send their crew home.  Win back those lost days in your production schedule instead of falling further and further behind.

The Product

The Almon road dryer runs on a diesel fuelled 350 Kw micro-turbine.  The micro-turbine has an output of 100 m3/min (3,500 cfm) of airflow at up to 348-550 °C (660 – 1022 °F).  The machine is extremely effective for drying roads, removing black ice from tunnels and bridges, or snow from roads.

The Solution

The Almon road dryer’s robust design and onboard telematics allow us to remotely monitor your road dryer in real time, leading to essential preventive maintenance and shipment of parts before problems occur.

Calculate your cost for not being able to work . . .

  • For 2-3 hours in the summer waiting for dew to evaporate
  • Hours lost after rain, waiting for the road surface to dry
  • Days of production lost in spring and fall
  • Emergency projects in winter missed entirely

Client Testimonials

“We had a road painting project that needed to be completed urgently. We used the Almon road dryer for the job, which allowed us to paint during the winter, when the roadway was colder than it would typically be, and the temperatures were lower than we would typically paint in. With the help of  the Almon road dryer machine, we were able to complete the job on time and provide a high quality application of paint. We are extremely happy with the results!”

Almon Road Dryer Renter March 2018

“We used the Almon road dryer to finish a painting project in March. We recommend Almon road dryer to anyone in our industry!”

Crossroads ConstructionFeb, 2018